Content Management System


Drupal is a free software package that allows anyone to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power an endless variety of sites.

By using Drupal’s system, you can manage content without programming.

The ever-evolving magnum opus of developer Dries Buytaert, the system, its modules, users and developers value flexibility, simplicity, utility, modularity, extensibility and maintainability in the code. The theory here seems to be that the core files are made light and feature-less – a blank canvas on which to create.This philosophy obviously isn’t for everyone. The code is clean and light (only a few MB) but that’s because you will need to install/tweak many (20-30) plugins before you have the site of your dreams.

Standout Features

  • Modules – thousands of them for utility, content, third-party integration, admin, content, media, e-commerce, and on and on.
  • Intense levels of personalization – considered to be the “core of Drupal.”
  • Fully indexed and searchable content.
  • Role-based permissions – not so different from our other highly ranked systems, but vital nonetheless.


Marketing on Facebook

Keep in mind the needs of the intended customer. Ensure that the marketing strategy brings benefits to the intended customer, like making their life that little bit easier and ensure that the strategy allows communication between the customer and yourself, the marketer.


What are they?

Widgets are a standalone application that can be embedded into any third party site, such as Facebook, by a user.


* Can spread like wildfire

* Introduces site’s content to new users

Scope // Workload

This is our work breakdown for the project

Stephanus (Leader) & Qayyum (Henchmen) :

  • Revamp Site
    • Research / Case Studies Comparison
    • Evaluation
    • Prototype
  • Social Media Tools
    • Youtube
      • Research
      • Evaluation
      • Prototype
      • “Video Content”
  • Offline Activities / Events
    • Campaigns
      • Milk Bottles Cardboard Figure


Jethro (Leader) & Melvin (Henchmen) :

  • Revamp Site
    • Research / Case Studies Comparison
    • Evaluation
    • Prototype
  • Social Media Tools
    • Facebook
      • Research (Widgets)
      • Evaluation
      • Prototype
      • Monitor/tracking of sites
      • Promotion / Marketing
  • Offline Activities / Events
    • Mobile Exhibition
      • Milk Bottles Cardboard Figure


Benefits of Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Engage with your Target Audience

Twitter allows you to interact with your potential customers

Brand Awareness

– Twitter will help, much like Facebook and Youtube, to increase your brand awareness. Toys R Us did it in order to promote a range of toys and it worked

Customer Feedback

Cutomers can give their feedback live


Benefits of Using Youtube Marketing

Cost Free

– Unlike a lot of advertising these days, Youtube advertising is cost free, making it less of a strain on a campaign’s budget

Global Audience

– Youtube is available a to anyone with a computer and internet access, making the advertising put up available to anyone in the world.

Viral Effect

– Similar to Facebook, if the advert is liked then users can share it with their friends and their friends can share it and so and so on.

Making a Customized Channel or Consumer Base

– Whenever a video is added to a YouTube account, it leads to the creation of one profile channel by itself. Keen viewers usually form a part of this channel and may also take its subscription. One may also promote their websites further by sending newsletters through e-mails to these subscribers. In other words, it can aid in building your customer list.

Rising Through Google’s Page Ranking

Since Youtube has been aqquired by Google, Youtube is given priority in Google’s page ranking. Thus, people using Google to search for anything related to your site or product or cause will most likely see your Youtube channel near the top.


Benefits of using Facebook


– Facebook is a great place to generate brand awareness

Consumer engagement

– Facebook has the ability to get users engaged in marketing the way no other form of marketing can

Drive Web Users

– Facebook is a great way to drive users to a site, put up a link and a user can just click it and go straight to the site

Get Customers

– Facebook can help a company acquire new customers as there are million of Facebook users

The Viral Effect

– If Facebook users like the product they can recommend it to their friends with a simple click and their friends can do the same. It takes word of mouth a step further, making it easier to get customers